Hi guys! This is going to be one of many parts for anybody who’s looking to get started in either doing SEO or improving your skills as an SEO and taking your game to the next level.

These are the Top 4 most important things you need to know about SEO in 2019. These are the biggest SEO Tips that you should focus on when it comes to doing SEO in 2019.

This is a great strategy that would change your perception about SEO. We are really not going to focus on anything about backlinks.

We will only focus on on-page stuff and it works very well and it’s very effective if you follow steps we will show you. We’ll tell you why in a second, so let just go over the main points;

1. Niching down

2. Targeted  averages  

3. Streamlining your efforts

4. Capture your traffic

Let’s start with the first one;

1. Niching down.

When you start out doing SEO, it’s really important to really become recognized as an authority in a certain niche.

If you’re gonna be going for let’s say you want to rank for “SEO training” or “SEO expert ” or something like that, you want to try to go for a Content gameplan in an overall marketing, branding and SEO gameplan where you’re targeting specifically that subject first.

The reason for that is because if you say for instance, you wanted to just target every SEO keyword in general or let’s just say for example you were an affiliate site and you’re trying to target everybody who’s looking for a bed.

Now, what you would do is you would try to tackle things within that realm first because it’s going to be really hard starting out targeting all of the big general keywords that other people are working on or going for that already have a lot of authority established in that niche. So this is  just how it sort of works.

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You don’t necessarily only want to go for really broad keywords that are very difficult. What you have to do is to focus on niching down to a specific thing first.

For example, let’s say you are really good at reviewing a certain type of bed. Let’s say you want to focus specifically on all of the content around a purple bed. That’s a type of bed right? Yea!

When you start out doing SEO, you’re gonna have a website that has no authority right? Okay!  let’s just say this is your little website

right here and within this website, let’s just say you have five pages on it, landing pages and a couple of blog posts. These will be the landing pages with two blog posts and then maybe with a couple of service pages also.

For a small website, let’s say it’s about ten pages and let’s just say your overall authority ,like you don’t have any links coming in and you don’t have any real visitors also. You don’t have any rankings right? but you have these pages.

Now, again when you go in and you want to start optimizing this website you’re going to want to start thinking of a theme right?

You’re not going to just want to go for “we do bed reviews” and try to write for it.

That’s like a hugely difficult keyword. So, how do you see what a difficult keyword is? Well, you can use this tool called ahrefs and its really cool. you may wanna check it out for yourself.


Now, you’ll go into keyword explorer and let’s just say you type in bed reviews. so you can see here that says 45 difficulty.

Now, if you’re starting out and your website domain rating is zero or da domain Authority is zero. You can use the ahrefs metrics and you can type in your website Url and it’ll tell you what your current metrics are.

Go to dashboard and just type in your Url.  As you can see this website it has 29UR and 30DR.

Now, what this is basically is; your UR is the number of links coming into your page and your DR is the amount of links just coming to your website in general.

ahref showing the current metrics of this website

Again, backlinks are a ranking factor right? Yea! But in this lesson, That’s not our main focus here.

However, getting much of it increases your SEO too. I mean you don’t really need to focus on manually going to getting them i.e. like I mean emailing people and asking them for backlinks.

When you start out a website, what you have to do is to go for low difficulty or keywords that are within the range that your site’s currently at.

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Now, let’s see this gaming website called siphon King. You could see here as 0DR and it’s like the UR ratings doesn’t even exist but it’s ranking for 2.5k organic keywords.

ahrefs Metrics of gaming website showing 0DR and 2.5k organic keywords

If we click on those keywords, you can actually see all the different things it’s ranking for and the difficulty is like zero or two.

So it means it’s really easy. it doesn’t require a lot of links and there’s not a lot of competition for those keywords.

Keywords and their rankings

Obviously, if you’re gonna be going for let’s say something like “bed reviews” like we were talking about,

you don’t want to go starting out for something like keyword difficulty 49, that’s way too high you know. You want to go for something a little bit niching down.

For example like let’s niche down to something a bit more specific;

Go to all keyword ideas and find a specific type of bed that you want to get really good at reviewing. So let’s say you were gonna become an expert in Memory foam mattresses first.

Then you go to Memory Foam which is a little bit more niched down. It’s not just going to be bed reviews anymore, it’s now gonna be memory foam reviews.

Now, if we go back to overview in the software and check, you see its difficulty is 25.

Keyword difficulty for “memory foam review

That’s a little bit easier and then if we go and actually see the specific type let’s say; “what is the best memory foam mattress topper reviews”?

now you are niching down even more and you’re tackling keywords that have low search rates but you’re going for things that have really low difficulty.

So apparently, that’s 25 for some reason but again you want to sort through the things that have lower difficulty and the way you can do

that is, go to all keyword ideas and what you’re gonna start doing is you start putting together a list of things that are within your range that you want to go for like this one;

memory foam mattress topper reviews”. What we would do is we’d bring that in. You would just start bringing In

these keywords in and keeping track of where and how difficult these are. You know what the Topical Relevancy would be to what we’re going for.

When we say topical relevancy, we mean the clusters of content that we’re creating for this subject. So for instance what you would start doing is you would start going for contents like;

memory foam, mattress reviews, best top or best anything that’s regards or is related to that sub niche topic and you would slowly start building Authority in a very specific way.

For example, you really want to become very well known as somebody who does SEO training. You really need to like what you are doing and in that way, you’ll become well-known for it.

So what you would do is you would try to create some sort of content around something regarding training and then slowly build out your authority around that subject then you can start tackling harder and harder keywords.

Type in let’s say like SEO training on your browser and your Own site is like around the 30 mark.  For SEO training this could be like 58 so that’s like double.

That’s like a lot harder than you are currently at with your own Authority. So you’re not gonna try to go for something super difficult right off the bat that is just the keywords “SEO training”.

What you  would rather do is sort of creating like a related articles where you’re gonna be creating an SEO training full of different things that people are looking for when they’re looking to get trained in SEO.

Difficulty mark of the keyword “SEO Training”

For instance, now we are talking about the 4 Most Important Things You Need To Know About SEO In 2019.

Some other related article I have written on this are; First SEO Mistake Web Designers Make When Doing a Website Redesign, 10 Steps On How to Set up Google Analytics and Install the Plugins On Your Website and so on.

The next article is probably going to be me going over to other basics Of Google Analytics and search console or something that people are looking for and the way you find that is,

you will look out you know what people are looking for around SEO training or what are things that people are trying to find around SEO training like;

learn free courses, how do I do SEO?, certifications, SEO tutorial, free online training, top free courses, google SEO certification and a whole lot of many different questions that people are asking.

What people are looking for on Google about SEO Training

Again, It’s not always the best just to look at  interest as a guide, it’s also good to think about something that people are going to be looking for when it comes to your subject and how can you become well-known in that thing.

So, sometimes you can just know just by learning to know the subject. One of the things that you do need to know a little bit about when you’re doing SEO is that you need to know actually what you’re going for.

For instance we know that for people lurking to learn SEO, they’re interested in different things like you;

  • Tools
  • Analytics
  • On-page SEO
  • Off page SEO and
  • How to do these different things they are interested in.

Another thing is that they’re interested in some sort of stuff or things where they can learn in one place and get a lot of information about whatever they’re trying to learn. That’s just for the SEO space.

Now, something else like let’s say mattress reviews you would be focusing on creating clusters of content, becoming well-known and start ranking for things first for those pieces of content and then moving to more general type keywords.

However, know that one thing you also need to keep in mind when you’re doing your niching down is target Averages.

2. Target Averages

Obviously the keyword difficulty is one average that we’re looking at but another average that we’re going to look at is the content related averages.

So if for instance, we wanted to go for let’s say “memory foam topper”, we’re not going to just go and just put 500 words on a page what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna try to figure out what is the average for that thing and this is in any market.

It doesn’t have to be google or  YouTube, it could be wherever you’re at. so let’s just say for instance, you wanted to rank for the keywords ” Top 4 Most Important Things You Need To Know About SEO in 2019

so what you would do is, you would first of all put that into ahrefs and if that had a search volume and a keyword difficulty then you would be like okay this is what you want to go for.

Again, if it’s on YouTube you’ll be a little bit less concerned. The strategies are a little bit different because on-page SEO is actually more difficult like ranking for key SEO related keywords.

For Youtube, what you should actually do is to create a mini-series and  build it into a giant series where people can go and use it as a reference guide which is more focused on building Authority than actually ranking the content in terms of the content.

If you’re not going to be doing SEO at least figure out what your strategy’s gonna be on a different platform because not everything that’s gonna work on Google is gonna work as well on YouTube and vice versa.

When you’re targeting the average, what you would do like let’s say the keyword again was 4 Top Most Important Things You Need To know About SEO or let’s just say we wanted to go for the keywords SEO training.

What we would do is, we would take this keyword and we’d plug it into the software. What this software does is it’ll actually tell us the average that we need to meet be based on what’s on Google.

Again, in any market people are searching for your stuff based off an average. if somebody’s looking for something, let’s say they’re looking for SEO or they’re looking for “beds” or any other thing, regardless of what platform they are on, there’s going to be a different intent.

so let’s say people looking for bed reviews on Google or foam, topper, mattress reviews on Google, that intent, that thing that they’re looking to find is going to be completely different than what they’re trying to find on YouTube.

So what you’ll do is you’ll figure out your intent for the platform and the keyword that you’re targeting for Google. So you use a tool that actually finds the intent based on averages.

So you can see here the keyword is SEO training that we’re going for and then Insert URL.

If you had one you will just put the URL “Training” and what it would tell us is it would tell us the deficits and the surplus is for these keywords.

It’s just getting your search results of Google and then it scans all this and it’ll tell us at the end of the day; Okay! you need 500 words, you need ten images that kind of thing.

Tool scanning for results

What you are going to be doing is that you’re gonna be copying sort of the layout that people are already getting satisfaction from off Google and then sort of just replicating the theme.

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You are not trying to reinvent the wheel. The reason why we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel is because for the most part, everything that you can search for right now is pretty much already been made so the only thing you can do is sort of take what’s already out there and then improve upon it.

For like YouTube, what I recommend you got to do is find out or try to know what’s already out there.

For instance, we are trying to go for SEO training on YouTube you will see a list of search results. You will see all these different things that are ranking like; learn SEO, free SEO training course, what is SEO? and then what the layout looks like.

You will see longer and shorter type videos, you know one hour 37 minutes,  7minutes, 3 hours and so on. 

Search Results on Youtube

These are all really long videos and things that people are looking to sort of get a lot of information on.  

you can pretty much know just from others experience and just from looking, theirs’ you are gonna try to want to follow a similar outline.

For Google, if you search for the query ”SEO” training you will see search results of websites with landing pages and so on. If you into this tool; considering the example below

Search Results on Google.

you could actually see that for these different keywords that you are going for you are gonna need let’s say a thousand more words or ten more images or whatever based on the top ten to twenty pages that are on Google.

So again, averages are super important and not just from a Content standpoint but also from a data standpoint. For instance, If we look at the data Below, let’s say we look at the keyword they are working for right here.

SEO audit template you can see there are 65 clicks to this page for that keyword, 1200 impressions, 5% click-through rate for the last 28 days. Well, anything’s above 3% click-through rate it’s pretty decent and for a bounce-rate, anything below 70 percent is pretty good also.

For this page here the bounce rate is 74%. So on conversion rate, this needs to be set up better because there’s not a conversion rate assigned for this page yet.

Data Analysis SEO Audit

So again, when doing your optimization, don’t just optimize based on content averages alone but also optimize based on analytics based averages as well.

You can use the tool called SEO Profiler which is very good and effective tool. You can checkout one of my articles on What is an SEO Profiler to get more information on how to use it.

Once again, you just have to understand the philosophy of what we are talking about which is again, we’re looking at doing optimizations based on data, based on averages, based on content related averages

and based on not reinventing the wheel but just simply finding out what you know people want and then optimizing based on what our data is showing us. Next thing we have is;

3. Streamlining your efforts

This is very important. If you’re not figuring out what your streamline is then you’re going to have a hard time. If you don’t figure out who’s going to be doing this or that for you then you’re not gonna do everything yourself and that’s gonna be a lot hard on you.

When it comes to marketing especially, it’s very hard to do everything yourself. So what you need to do is;

You Need to figure out what you’re best at

If you’re best at writing content, great! do that. If you’re best at web design, great! do that.  Whatever it is you’re best at, just do it. Not only are you best at that thing, but are you and do you enjoy that thing?

because if you’re spending your time doing something that you’re not that good at or that you don’t enjoy, then it’s not gonna work out in the long run.

You’re not gonna make money and even if you do make money it’s not gonna be worth it because you’re  gonna end up like hurting yourself or not being an overall good person because of it.

So let’s just say you’re really good at just doing on-page SEO. All you want to do is on-page SEO, you just want to optimize the pages based on all this data and stuff and content related averages that we’re talking about.

Also, you need to figure out the following if you’re gonna be selling your SEO service:

  • you know who’s going to be writing the content?
  • who’s gonna be doing the the support?
  • who’s going to be talking to all your clients?
  • who’s going to be doing the web design and some other stuff?

When you start out, you’re gonna have to do a lot more of everything yourself becouse you’re not going to be able to pay people to do this stuff but at some point you need to.

Think about what you’re going to be doing on the long run. Ask yourself some few question and answer them.

Are you going to be just a private consultant or are you going to be doing just audits through websites? but again it’s really important and it’s sort of similar to what we’re talking about with the content niching down and building an authority.

Also it’s important just as an overall marketing strategy to be really freaking good at just one thing because that way you’re not going to be spending all your time doing all this other stuff.  

So it’s kind of self-explanatory and I’m sure you already know this. So you need to figure out how to streamline your efforts because if you’re trying to do too many things that are too manual you’re gonna want to kill yourself. The last thing we are gonna be talking about is;

4. Capture your traffic

This is the last one so if you are getting a bunch of traffic to your website. Let’s just look at some of these pages that’s getting traffic.

If we go over here, we scroll over to the conversion rates you could see there is 8.9% conversion rate which is really good. Anything over like 3% conversion rate is pretty solid but it also depends on what your standard is for your website.

Now, what you want to focus on is you want to make sure that if you’re getting traffic to your website that there is some sort of conversion.

so if for instance let’s say do give videos on youtube and nobody wound up subscribing, Nobody ended up going to your facebook group, nobody wind up going to your webinar and then possibly converting into a customer signing up for the certification.

If nobody did that all the stuff I just mentioned, then it’s almost purposeless doing those videos. There’s almost no point in doing them if you can’t somehow make money from it because at the end of the day you have to have an ROI like you can’t just do free things forever.

  You have to have some sort of goal because if you’re just doing everything for free then you’re never gonna make any money and then you’re never gonna be able to keep doing what you want to do for free.

So you have to have some sort of end goal. People can contact you and have  a value for that right? anybody who contacts you, lets say one out of 5 people conversing to new customer.

For you, that’s worth about some hundreds of dollars per contact. Also, you could put your email. If they sign up for a Facebook group or your Dischord channel or any of the stuff that you have in your description in the video, this will amount to a conversion for you.

All these stuff are worth money because you know on the average, if people sign up for that stuff just based on numbers people, some will end up signing up for something else. Like example; for your trainings, your software and whatever value it is you want to provide.

In all, there just have to be some sort of conversion. If you’re not mentioning that in your blog posts, videos or wherever you’re receiving your traffic then you’re losing your traffic because people are never gonna come back and it’s almost pointless. So you really have to have some sort of conversion setup.

If you look at the top traffic pages on your website and they’re not capturing people somehow whether it’s a free lead market like a Facebook group,

an email list or whatever and you’re not having an end goal which is to sign people up for some sort of go up things, then you’re gonna end up just not even having a marketing strategy because marketing is about making more money.  

Well, Let me go over it again. The 4 top Most Important Things I think You Need To Know About SEO in 2019 are; Niche down to some specific, Target Averages,

streamlining your effort which has a lot to do with doing the things you’re very good at and lastly capturing your traffic which is all about converting your traffic to monetary value.

Well, That’ll be all for now guys! I do sincerely hope you guys got some value from this post.

If these really made sense to you, go right down and hit the like button and share. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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