Top 4 Best Linux Distros for 2019


Hi guys! In this post, we’re gonna be looking at the Top 4 Best Linux Distros for 2019. Now, these are distros that I am excited about for 2019.

However, this isn’t meant to be like a top 4 list or a best of list or anything like that. These are just distros that I’m interested and excited about. So let’s dive right into number one;

1. Steam OS

Steam play is sort of supported in steam OS. The latest Nvidia driver with steam OS is version 3.8 therefore if you want to play steam, play games that use Vulcan it’s gonna be a little choppy.

But despite all that, I’m hopeful that valve is going to release some kind of update for steam OS this year that updates all of the drivers and other things like that. In addition, it will also enable steam play by default.

steam OS
Steam OS

Whatever reason, I think they have planned to make the whole experience a lot better. I think if steam OS had steam play enabled and

working out of the box when the steam machines were released a couple of years ago, it would have been way more successful.

2. Solace

Last year solace looked like it was gonna have an ambitious year and it did for the wrong reasons. Heike the founder of solace officially left the project and this was a pretty big deal because not only was he the de-facto leader but he was also the primary developer on a lot of the internal tools.

On the flip side of this bummer announcement, the solace team released a blog on their website along with the podcast explaining the whole situation. 

Then a month or two later they released another blog that kind of set the stage for 2019.


In addition, they’re planning on finally releasing solace for and doing a big update for budgie, Leasing soul and a whole bunch of other really cool stuff.

However, I kind of expected this to happen last year but it’s understandable why it didn’t, given that they officially announced all of it for this year. 2019 is looking to be a pretty darn exciting year for solace.

3. KDE neon

KDE neon

I have a very love-hate relationship with KDE and KDE neon.  I really like KDE because it’s probably actually my favourite desktop environment and truth be told I like cute over GTK.

Although, the problem that I have with KDE is that it’s always so damn buggy. Compared to KDE,  I tried switching to gnome last year.  I tried KDE on openSUSE but gush! it was just buggy and it didn’t work right.

In 2019, I’m planning an article to revisit  KDE neon. The KDE project is really cool because of the velocity that they maintain and developing releasing features.

The stability of everything is just incredible and I think that that has a lot to do with KDE neon. For example with Kubuntu, there are a lot of applications that don’t work.

For example, discover is practically useless on Kubuntu but it works perfectly on KDE neon so either way, I’m really excited to see where KDE neon goes this year.

If you want a pure and honestly the best KDE experience KDE neon is what you’re looking for.

4. Mint Linux

Now, correct me if I’m wrong in the comments section but I don’t believe that I have ever written an article about MIT LINUX here. To be honest, I’ve sort of always considered Mint to be kind of a clone or just an inferior spin of the boon.  

I noticed a lot of Linux YouTubers recovering mint 19.1 so I went ahead and gave it a try and I was impressed. Furthermore, not only is the cinnamon desktop really refined polished and customizable but mint actually provides a lot of really nice tools especially for new users that are well new to Linux.

I don’t know how to do stuff like tools to help you set up automated backups or automated updates or manager PPAS and stuff. it’s really really cool stuff and when I was testing it I didn’t run into a single bug or crash or anything. I was really impressed.

Mint Linux
Mint Linux

In general, The problem I see with mint and the project is their marketing sucks and their website is horrific. I’m sorry I don’t mean to offend anybody but it’s 2019, this website looks like it was developed in 2005.

If a Windows user was browsing around looking for information on Linux and they heard about mint Linux and they went to this site. I mean come on honestly, I would say that mint is probably the most underrated

Linux distro out there and I know that it’s popular as a lot of people use it but not enough people talk about it.  it’s a very solid distro and the developers should be proud about that and they should also be talking about it because it is really interesting.

That rounds up my top 4 interesting tiptop Linux distros for 2019 that am excited about.

Whatever the case may be, I think this year is gona  be fun and yeah!!. It seems like there’s never a dull year in the world of Linux and 2019 is looking to be pretty darn exciting.

Finally, I have to say that there has never been a better time to be a Linux user than now.

I hope that you guys find this article interesting and if you did, be sure to leave a comment below. Let us know what you think. Thanks!


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