Hi guys! Have you wondered why the battery life of your Laptop does not last long enough as you’ve? Is there something you really need to do to make your laptop battery life last longer and more efficient?

Well, we’ve got some tips for. In this article, we are gonna be showing you some of the Basic tips on how to extend your battery life on Your Windows 10 PC.

You can use this if you have a Windows 10 based laptop, tablet or other devices probably. For a very long time now we have been using these simple computer tips to extend the battery life of Windows 10 based PC and it has been working very effectively.

If you have Windows 10 PC Operating system, this will work perfectly for you.   Now let’s dive in the tips now;

How to Extend Your Battery Life On Your Windows 10 PC

The first thing you need to do is

  • Go right to the power option.

Just type power and go to the power and sleep settings that you get over here.

  • from there just go to this battery saver option and there it will give you the remaining battery life.
  • If you are running on battery just click the battery usage and this will give you an idea during the past 24 hours what is actually taking up the most battery.
A list of system Apps and their power consumption

Also, if you go down it will show you the apps that consume the most power. This should give you an idea if there is an app that is consuming way too much of power you can easily identify using this one.

  • Another thing you can do is go to this option called change background app settings and just disable background apps for the apps which you think are not important.
I have disabled Apps that are not too relevant

Here we’ve already disabled it for most of the apps that I think are not very important. If there is quit a number of the apps that don’t seem to be vital, simply switch off the background app settings. This will additionally save quite little bit of power.

Next thing is yeah we have this thing we call Cortana.

If you do not use Cortana a lot we would suggest you just shut it off. This won’t impact the battery life but reduce it in a huge margin.

we have noticed buffering savings between 1 to 2 percent when you just switch this off. we generally don’t use cotton also have disabled that setting so you can play around with that one.

Also, apart from that, it’s also actually a great idea to know how and what is the health of your battery on your laptop or a tablet. for that, you can run the battery report.

Next what you can do is you can open up the command prompt, just go to this command prompt and type in this command; powercfg-devicequery wake_armed

When you enter this ideally, it should say None. And if it shows a list of apps under, that means those apps are actually waking up your device from the sleep. So, just make sure that it should ideally be None. Also, if it’s a known app that you have designed to wake up that’s okay, but as you can see right now below nothing is running.

Another thing that you can do is you can go to Windows Update. By default this is stretched on, just type update it should come.

Windows update settings and here if you go to the advanced option, you see the option called; choose how updates aren’t delivered click this by default.

This can be switched on and switched off. This also can help in battery life.

Next, you can also do this if you have a fast computer. For example, instead of your computer going on the standby mode all the time it would be great if it goes to hibernate after some time.

To do that,  just

  • enter power and go to Additional power settings and this will open your power profile.
  • off and just click the change plan.
  • Also, go to the advanced power settings and from just click the sleep and hibernate.

After by default, this will be a manufacturing setting amount. I set this to 150 minutes that’s approximately two and a half hours.

If we don’t use this windows laptop for about two and a half hours it will go in the high neat mode and not in the standby mode. you can also pay her on with this one and set it to the desired level. so that should also help.

Computer Tips

Another simple app that you can use to determine the battery life span is this app that is known as battery bar.

As you can see, whenever you just hover over it or if you just click on it, it gives you an idea how much battery life is left. For example 51% and it says it will run for about 1 hour 18 minutes.  

This is a free utility that you can use. Also, it shows us the battery was noticed in the last column. so it’s a good idea to install this app because it’s a free app.

You can easily know the battery health and the number i.e the actual percentage of battery life that is remaining.

Again, we believe you have learnt something on some simple basic computer tips to extend your battery life on your Windows PC. Therefore, to work efficiently on your PC we got you covered on some other cool computer tips.

Do let us know if you like these kinds Of tips so we have more articles on this kind of stuff, you can check them out. Let us know in the comment box below if you found these simple tips helpful.

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