Hi guys! we are gonna be talking about the first SEO mistake that web designers make when doing a website redesigns and you are probably gonna get some people hating on me after this one.

we probably shouldn’t even tell you because we get a lot of business just fixing these issues.

So what is the problem? Well, Many web designer gets Some jobs, let’s say 20 thousand dollar website and they get so excited about delivering a great website for the customer.

They go through the user profiles and then they set up the users journey and they create a terrific beautiful website with great user experience.

However, the problem is they’re not thinking about the user experience from coming from other websites and so that’s kind of where the SEO comes into play.

When you create a new website, sometimes you’re changing the URL right? which is the website address. Also, if you have changed the name of the about page from about to let’s say about us or about – us that’s a different width.

That’s a different web page and so you need to make sure that you set up redirects to the new web page. However, if the company has gone to great lengths or you know the content marketing expert at that

company has gone to great lengths to create an amazing resource for people and it’s so good that people have linked to it right? and there’s traffic coming from other websites.

If you rename that page those links are now broken and the traffic is not going to go anywhere.

Over time, all the years that they had the older website, they spent time building up a reputation in Google’s mind and building up reputation elsewhere.

So, if you don’t do the redirects, you lose that opportunity at traffic, you lose that opportunity at a ranking and reputation.

Some of you or like we know how to do this, it’s not a big deal if you don’t stick around because we’ve got some easy tips for you ok! so number one you should note when doing website redesign;

Just Keep Track Before you Do The Website Redesign

Just take a look at the site map and you can see all the pages that you might need to redirect. Now, if that seems a little too technical for you one of the easy things you can do is download a free tool called

screaming frog. All you have to do is pop your URL in and press Start and then it’ll give you a pretty full list of pages that you need to keep track of and to redirect.

However, it can get pretty technical as to how many you need to work. for the beginners, I would say just redirect all of them. on the side of caution in that sense,

as you go through and you pick through, you’ll notice some ones that you don’t need to do. You can also technically compare it against your traffic to see which ones are your most important ones.

Furthermore, if you’re using a WordPress site I’d, recommend this plugin; it’s nice, easy and it’s free it’s called redirection dot me.

I don’t even need to show you how to use, it’s so simple to use. Once you install this plug-in, you’re good to go the directions on. They are very simple; you just type in the old URL, you type in the new one and you’re all set.

Alright, I hope this really helps you find what you are looking for. so guys, ride on! hit the like button and share this post. let’s get your comment on the box below.

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