Are you looking for best Tricks To Work Smarter at Your Computer and do your work more efficiently when you use your computer? or you need better computer tricks help you work fast at your PC? have you found yourself in a situation when you’re pulling an all-nighter on an essay and your computer unexpectedly dies before you had a chance to save your work?

Hey! we’ve all been there. Let’s say, you’re typing up some text on your computer or PC when all of the sudden you see a bunch of mumbo-jumbo pop up on the screen or maybe you save a link to read a certain website later on only to discover that it’s nowhere to be found.

If you’ve ever been in situations like these, we know the frustration they can evoke that’s why we are gonna be showing you some 20 best tricks and or tips to work smarter at your computer or PC.

However, these tricks or tips will help save your time, energy, data and nerve while surfing the Internet.
let’s get started! let’s start off with some tricks you can use whenever you experience problems while surfing the Net.

Tricks To Work Smarter at Your Computer (Internet)

1. If you’ve closed an important tab on accident you can quickly reopen it by pressing the following Keys simultaneously; Ctrl + Shift + T or Alt + Shift + T if you’re on a map

2. In case you’ve made a mistake while typing an address into the URL bar, you can restore the address of the current webpage in the search field by hitting escape.

3. Have you ever wish you could save a webpage as a PDF? this computer tricks will help you. did you even know you could do that? if not, you do now. If you’re a Windows user; press Ctrl + P and then choose save as a PDF. As for Mac users; hit command + P and in the drop-down menu, click save as PDF.

4. If you need to find a specific book or website on Google, you can use the advanced search. Go to as soon as the Advanced Search page comes up, apply all the filters you need and then press the advanced search button.

Also, if you’re looking for a certain book, you can even choose the file format you need like PDF, doc or DJ Vu.

5. With the help of a simple combination of keys, you can find out the time in any city around the world by just typing the time + City into the search engine and you’ll get the result.

6. You can also easily and quickly find out what any amount of one currency would be in another. for example you can type 900 dollars in euros into the address bar and Google will do the rest.

7. Who needs calculators? Well, sure calculators do come in handy from time to time but instead of busting out your phone or an actual calculator.

I know so archaic you can use Google for this as well. all you got to do is type in whatever number plus-minus or whichever function you need, the other number and then enter.

8. Since we’re on the topic of having Google do all your heavy lifting for you instead of going through all the trouble of typing in the URL of some online dictionary or translator, just use the Google address bar.

you can type in a word plus meaning, synonyms in Spanish, in French or whichever translation you’re looking for.

if Google could only do my taxes for my social media. There are also plenty of little known tips and tricks when it comes to using some social media site or mobile app tip.

9. The 140 character limit in Twitter was always a bone of contention for tons of people. I mean who on earth could fully express themselves in just two short sentences?

that’s why the creators of the app decided to increase the character limit to 280 but if that’s still not enough for you to say what you need to say, you can use apps like tweet twit longer or tall tweets.

10. Have you found a page on Facebook that you’d like to save and look at whenever you want? well, you totally can just select save link at the top of the page. To reopen it later, click on save in the menu.

11. If you need to send someone an email but you don’t know their address you can use Facebook. Well, as long as they have a Facebook account but come to think of it,

who doesn’t nowadays? am I right? anyway, you can send an email to their Facebook address with their username at The network will redirect this message to the email the person’s account is registered with.

Computer Tricks to work smarter and effectively on documents

Now, moving on to working with documents.
lots of people use their computer to work with documents. if you’re one of them here are some tips you’ll be glad to know tri.

12. If you need to find a lost document, any other type of file or even a program press the following key combinations; when + R for Windows. you can click browse or use a search bar and then enter to find what you’re looking for.

Command + space spotlight for mac again you can either enter your search request or pick the program you need.

13. I word, if you want to change the font size, simply press Ctrl + Shift + greater than(>) to increase or control +shift+ less than(<) to decrease the font size on a Windows machine.

As for Mac, it’ll be command + Shift + greater than to make the font bigger and command+shift+less than to make it smaller.

14. If you have an open file in Word, you can save it super fast by hitting Ctrl + S for Windows or command + S format.

15. While working with documents on your computer, it’s all too easy to accidentally make a mistake or press the wrong button. To avoid any consequences and save time just hit ctrl + z for Windows or command + Z format to undo the previous action.

16. If on the contrary you’ve understood that your previous action turned out to be surprisingly brilliant yeah! that was you! you can always repeat it using Ctrl + y for windows and command + y on a Mac.

17. By the way, Google Docs is a great tool for those who work with texts a lot. There, all documents are automatically saved every second so you won’t lose any unsaved work.

However, If your computer dies or crashes another cool thing about it is that you can edit your documents from any device.

Just create an account and you’ll have access to all your files no matter where you are. To save your time and energy, you can memorise the most frequently used key combinations.

Of course, they’re different for Windows and Mac OS so we’ve divided them into two groups shortcut keys.

Some shortcut keys for windows

• key F5 will open internet explorer
• Alt + tab will help you switch between programs,
• Ctrl + Shift + escape will help to open the task manager.
• Ctrl + escape will bring up the Start menu.
• Alt + F4 will close the current window or quit an active application.
• Alt + space will open the menu for the program you’re currently using.
• windows + tab will open task view.

Some shortcut keys for Mac OS

command + C will copy the text you’ve selected.
• Command + V will paste this selected text wherever you need it.
• Command + P will let you print the current document.
• Command + M will minimize the front window to the doc
• Command + the semicolon will find misspelt words in your document.
• Option + command + escape lets you pick an application to force quit.
• Function + the up arrow Scrolls up one page.
• Function + the down arrow allows you to get back to the previous page.
• Function + the right arrow will take you to the beginning of the document.
• and function + the left arrow will what ya send you to the end of the document.

18. If you need to locate a deleted page or find out what a website used to look like, you can use the online time-travel machine. well more specifically, this address for there you can enter the address of the deleted page in the search bar and the site will find it even if it doesn’t exist anymore

on top of that this online archive serves as a nonprofit library that contains millions of free movies, books, music, journals and so much more. it’s like a goldmine so check it out.

19. Not to be morbid here but sometimes people need to delete a facebook account in the event of the user’s death. Now to do that, they should go to settings, pick general then press manage account. After that, they’ll need to click your legacy contact and choose request account deletion

20. Have you noticed the little bumps on the F and J keys on your keyboard? if you have, it just takes a look or a feel huh! pretty random right? well not really random, these bumps are there to help you position your hands on the keyboard correctly.

Without looking, your left index finger should be on the F key and your right one on the letter J if you want to practice touch typing so.

There you have it. If you already use any of these tricks to save time when you’re on the computer, great! well, that showa how tech-savvy you really are.

We’re also thirsty for knowledge and time-saving techniques here on the bright side of life.

we belive these computer tricks or tips was helpful. if you follow these computer tips or tips we believe it’s sure gonna help you to work smarter at your computer or PC.

If this article was really helpful, leave a comment and share with us your thoughts.

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