6 Functions of an Operating system (OS)


The operating system is the most essential program that runs on a computer. The operating system is an interface between a computer and the user.

It is responsible for the management and coordination of activities as well as the sharing of the resources of the computer. Some Examples of Operating System includes; MS-DOS (Disk Operating system), Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Blackberry OS e.t.c. Here I have got some six functions of OS, yea! Let’s go;

  1. Booting of computer
  2. Resource management
  3. Data management
  4. Job management
  5. Standard means of communication between User and Computer Hardware
  6. Multi-tasking

1.´╗┐Booting of computer

The starting of a computer is always initiated by the OS. Booting is the process of starting the computer OS. It checks the computer and makes it ready to work. The OS is loaded in the computers main memory (RAM).

2. Resource management

The Operating system allocates computer resources such as CPU time, main memory, secondary storage, and input and output devices for use.

The OS will identify at which time the CPU will perform which operation and in which time the memory is used by which program. It also identifies

also, which input device will respond to which request of the user (it means when the input and output devices are used by programs.)

3. Data management

It governs the input and output of data and their location, storage, and retrieval and it is also responsible for storing and retrieving information on disk drives and for the organization of that information on the drive.

 4. Job management

The OS is responsible for the management of jobs or tasks.It Prepares, schedules, controls, and monitors jobs submitted for execution to ensure the most efficient processing.

5. Standard communication between User and Computer Hardware

The OS provides a user interface and a standard set of commands that control the hardware. There are two types of an interface provided for the user and they are; Graphical-line interface and Command line interface.

The graphical-line interface allows users to interact with the visual environment to communicate with the computer.it uses windows, icons, menus and other graphical objects to issues command.

The command-line interface provides an interface for users to communicate with the computer by typing commands. In addition,the

command line was basically used in the early days of computing when only the keyboard was used to give instructions to the computer system by typing directly the instruction into the system.

There was no mouse. The Command line interface is basically an interface between user and computer where a line of text (called command line) is passed between the two for communication.

6. Multi-tasking

This ability of a computer system to run several programs at the same time. The OS keeps track of tasks and allows movement between programs without losing information.

Hope this post really helps you learn something about functions of an Operating system.


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