Hi guys! I’m gonna be giving you a quick overview of Google Analytics, what it exactly is how and it can help you as a marketer, a website owner or a blogger.

I will be showing you 3 Reasons why you should use Google Analytics on your website. I know you sure really need this for your website.

You have built a website and now you want to get as many visitors to view your content read your blog post or buy your products right? Well, you probably have heard about Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, SEO, Pinterest and more right? Okay.

We are not gonna be talking about all that now. But before we get started on this, let me ask you this; How do you actually know how many visitors came to your website,

where they come from, and what did they actually do on your website?  This is where Google Analytics comes in. Here are three reasons why you should use it on your blog or website;

1. Why you should use Google Analytics; For Measurement

Firstly, you need it for measurement. When you install Google Analytics (see how to install Google Analytics), you will receive a tracking code that you need to place on your website.

Once you have done that from then onwards, every time somebody goes to your website this tracking code will send information to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics giving you a tracking code for your website

For example, data like which pages the user is currently on, what browser the user is using, what are the language settings of his browser, what was the previous page that the user was visiting before he came to that website and many other data points that Google Analytics actually measures.

However, all this all happens in the background through a technology called JavaScript. The user doesn’t actually notice anything when they visit your website.

In Google Analytics itself, the data actually gets recorded and stored and we can then see who is currently on our website and once we have a few more people tracked that way we can actually go to the second step.

2. why you should use Google Analytics; For Reports

Secondly, Google Analytics builds many reports from the data we have measured. In the interface, the reports can be divided into four parts namely;

  • The audience reports: In the audience report, you can get to find out more about the technology that your users are using where they’re from and so on.

Audience reports showing a list of the technology your users are using.

  • The acquisition reports: This is where you can find out where the user came from that visited your website.
Acquisition report showing where users that visited your site came from
  • The behaviour reports: This report gives detail about where you can find out what the user did on your website, which phase received visitors, in which interactions he took on your website.
Behaviour report flow
  • The conversion reports: This report gives more detail about the activity of there user. It’s all about whether the user actually takes the action that you desired him to take on your website. Now, all of these reports are built and get filled automatically by Google Analytics.B

But you can obviously also build your own custom report within the interface which we won’t get into right now, but it’s definitely possible. Now, all of these reports don’t do anything for you unless we start looking at them in detail. which brings us to our next step.

3. why you should use Google Analytics; The actual analysis

Thirdly, the analysis part and this is all about answering your questions with available data. For example, where did the user come from? Well, when you go into the acquisition report, You’ll find out. Here we see that most of the people come through the organic search results of Google.

Obviously, you might have further questions like how does that compare to last week, where the user actually land on my website. Google Analytics actually gives us many different tools to dig deeper into that data.

We can filter our data, break it down and further visualize it differently, compare it segmented and many more different techniques that are available within the tool to do a quick analysis.

The ultimate goal of your analysis is to get you insights and then get to the action. Once you have found something out, I would recommend getting to a conclusion to recommend stuff to yourself or your boss. For instance, taking action on the data from your analysis. For example, start an A/B test or change your website around.

In conclusion, there you have it! Google analytics is quite useful to measure, report and analyze your website visitors’ behaviour. I believe you understand obviously what Google analytics is all about now and 3 reasons why you need to use it for your website.

As you probably may know, Google Analytics is by no means the only web analytics solution out there but currently, it’s the most popular one because it’s free and it has been around for over a decade now.

It gives you a lot of capabilities to actually analyze your data which are mostly found in paid tools as well and it actually has become the de facto standard.

So if you want to compare any data to another website who is also Google Analytics running, then you could do this easily because the view on the data is the same with his tool of Google Analytics and a lot of people and a lot of websites have it installed nowadays.

You check our other article on 10 simple steps on how to install Google analytics plugin on your website.

If this article was really helped, leave a comment in the box below; we will not publish your email. Let’s know what you think. Thanks!

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