You are gonna learn some 13 Best Ways To Clean C Drive in Windows 10 Computer Or PC to increase the performance of your system, the load time, Increase responsiveness and create more free space! These methods or steps below have been tested and proven to be effective for your windows 10 OS. (This is a Complete Step by Step guide)

In this post, We are gonna be showing you how to clean up your Windows 10 PC and make your PC faster for better efficiency and productivity.

By doing this you can expect a better performance, responsiveness and of course a lot more free up space on your hard drives.

It’s a simple procedure but very effective and we are gonna show you how it goes as fast as possible.

For your information, cleaning the unwanted file from your C drive or Local Disk will make your windows run much faster. So let’s start.

Ways To Clean C Drive in Windows 10 and Make Your PC Faster

Step 1. Windows settings – Free Up Space!

In this step, we gonna show you how to free up your C Drive or Local Disk space from your windows settings.

We all know normally your windows 10 is installed into your C Drive and if it’s full or kind of out of space, you will definitely experience lag related issues in a verity of ways.

So in this Method or step, we are going to clean your C Drive or Local Disk using the windows settings, it is a pretty simple procedure once you know how to do it. So let’s get started;

  • First you have to go to your start menu, now click on the settings gear icon, which will open your windows settings,
System settings
  • Now, you have to go to the system settings which is the first one, on the search bar type “storage ” now navigate to storage setting, and from there you click on the ‘free up space now hyperlink’.
Sstorage settings

This will scan for all the unwanted or unnecessary files that you longer needed on your C Drive in a verity of categories.

By default, they have been marked certain items to be cleaned as default, so what we suggesting you get the maximum space from your C Drive, is to select each and every option you know you do not need.

Don’t think twice, all unnecessary junk files we don’t need should be selected unless if you want to go back to a previous Windows 10 build.

There are no plans to go back to a previous build, so what you’ll have to do next is to tick those boxes,

  • Once you have done that, Click on the Remove files button on the top, and it will be cleaned within no time!

Now, check your C Drive and We bet you will at least see a free up space of up to 10 to 20 gigs. Do that and you will have more space on your C Drive which could increase your system performance and make your PC faster.

Step 2. Disk Cleanup

The result of a Disk Cleanup process is a lot similar to what we have achieved with the previous step because it also helps you to clean up disk space by removing unwanted files from your hard drive. Here is how this one goes;

  • Just go to the start menu and search Disk clean up, launch it and here you can see we have access to all the local disk on the computer, not just the C Drive,

So that’s how it differs from the previous cleaning process, select each and every single local disk one after the another.

For now, we’ll be showing you how it did with a single local disk, so pick one and let’s go!

  • Click ok, and you will see this window, now mark the files to

delete, feel free to mark any,

  • Now click ok and hit delete. Which will clean the particular local disk or partition fro]m those unwanted files and leaving them with a lot more free space.

As we told you earlier, do this same process with all your other local disks as well, to benefit the most out of it.

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Step 3.   Clear Recycle bin.

You may know this already but we have to tell you this because a majority of people are unaware of this.

Whenever you delete a file by right click delete option, or hitting the delete key on your keyboard, it will not remove the files from your computer, it will store all the deleted  files on  your recycle bin until a certain limit and the default Windows 10 recycle bin limit is somewhere around about 40 to 50 GBs.

Yes, you can hit the shift + Delete key to delete a file from your computer completely but what if you forget to do so.

For your information, The recycle bin is using your C Drive space, so technically if you delete something without hitting the shift + delete, it will eventually end up somewhere in your C Drive or in the system drive, which will cause your system to be slow.

So if you don’t cleanup your recycle bin often, it will acquire a good amount of space from your C drive.

So let’s delete all of the files from the recycle bin as well. And hope you do this once in a while. At this point, you will see improvements on your C Drive space.

But wait it’s not done yet, we’ve got some more ways to go about this. Checkout the next step.

Step 4.  Optimize.

  • First, you gonna need to go to your The PC or file explorer, then go to the C Drive, right click and choose properties.
  • From there go to the tools tab and click on the Optimize option under the Optimize and defragment drive section. Now, you will see this window, so make sure you have selected your C Drive.
  • Once you do that, come down and click on the optimize button once again, and there we go, that’s pretty much we can do here.

Step 5. Uninstall  Unwanted Software

In this step, we gonna show you how to uninstall all the unwanted or rarely using software or programs from your computer, which is basically installed into your C Drive by default.

So by removing those  programs that are not very important, you can get a lot more space on your C Drive. For that,  you need to go the start menu and search uninstall, now on the search result you will find the add or remove programs, so click on it.

Now it will open the windows settings apps and feature window. So go down and uninstall each and every rarely used or unwanted programs.

It’s just a matter of clicking the uninstall button and follow the on-screen instructions So we are leaving the rest to you.

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Step 6. Clean Larger Files

In this step, we are gonna show you how to find and delete larger files on your computer that you no longer need.

It’s possible to go and check-up the file size of any file or folder with your windows file explorer, but it is very time-consuming, hard to compare file sizes between each other and to get an overall look,

but don’t worry we have a free tool called ‘TreeSize Free’. You can use this tool to find the large file that take up most space of your hard drive capacity, and it will let you delete them straight from the interface.

But double check before deleting anything, because if you delete anything by mistake, we will not be held responsible for your lose.

TreeSize Free is an absolute freeware, you can download it, its free. You may wanna to check it out, feel free.

  • Once you installed it, launch it. You can run the TreeSize Free in two way, you can either normally launch it from the start menu, but if you like a change, TreeSize Free is also available all time in your right-click menu.

Now you will see the TreeSize Free window, but for more control we recommend you to run it with admin rights,

  • So click on the ‘Start tree size free as administrator button from the menu, now it will relaunch the program with admin right as we needed.
  • Now you can simply go to the scan tab, and from there click on select directly then choose one of your local disks.
  • And you will see it will show all the necessary information to find the large files on that particular partition, so check them closely and if it’s an unwanted file feel free to delete it by right click and choose delete.

If you want you can check the other local disk for the larger file if you have multiple partitions on your computer. Hope it’s useful, so let’s jump to the next one!

Step 7. Clean Up Bloatware (Unwanted Software)

In this step, we gonna show you how to remove the bloatware from your windows 10.

By definition, bloatware is an unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer.

So hope you noticed some unwanted apps on your start menu when you installed your Windows 10 for the very first time, for example, the Xbox app on your start menu.

Normally, we can remove some bloatware without going for an unofficial way comparing to the previous builds of Windows 10. But still, we can’t remove some of them by the official way.

Like we don’t see an uninstall option if we right click on the Xbox app icon. So right now, we’ll show you how to get rid of those unwanted bloatware that the Microsoft forced loaded with their operating system by having the idea of milking you in future.

We can use the command prompt to do it but we have found an easier way.

Just use this tool, it’s called 10AppsManger and it is a portable one, means you can run the app without installing it on the system, just download it.


You will get a compressed or zip file, extract it, open the 10AppManger folder double click on the 10AppManger .exe file and it will run the tool.

Then, you’ll see that you have the option to uninstall all the bloatware but we don’t recommend that.

Only uninstall the most unuseful or rarely used apps Or bloatware And you can do that by just clicking on the particular app and from the dialogue box click yes,

now you will receive a success message and there we go.

So as you can see, you have successfully uninstalled your first bloatware on windows 10. So take your time and find and delete every other unnecessary bloatware.

Step 8. Total PC Cleaner

For additional cleaning of unnecessary files you can use the total PC Cleaner, it is a Microsoft store app and you can get it for free, you can check it out.

  • Once you get it, it will ask you to confirm your system disk, which normally would be your C Drive, nothing complicated. It is just asking you to confirm your windows installed partition.
  • So click continue, choose your system drive, click Select folder and there you go. Now you will see this window.

It’s a pretty straight forward procedure from there.

Now, Click on start scan and it will scan your C Driver for the unwanted files in the following categories such as; system caches, application caches, mail caches, office caches, browser caches, downloads, large files that greater than 100 MB’s, and once it finished it will show you the result.

You can see details such as how much files it found in those following categories as well as a total sum up on the top.

  • From this point, it’s just a matter of choosing the category it found the files on, and click on clean.

Now it will be cleaning those files from your computer within no time.  Hope you like this one, so let’s take a look at the next one!

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Step 9. Uninstall Space-Hungry Applications

In this step or method, we’re gonna show you how to eliminate large programs such as games or application that you no longer needed.

So, by doing that you can free up a lot more space and of cause free up some of your system resources as well which will definitely cause better performance.

So, We’ll show you how to do that, Go ahead and launch your start menu, and from there

  • Click on the gear icon, which will get us in to the windows settings,
  • From there, you gonna need to go to the apps menu, now you will see all your installed apps programs and games on your entire computer.

So keep a close look and find every unwanted or rarely used programs or games and once you found it, click on the particular one,

  • you will see the uninstall button, click on it,

which will show you another uninstall button beside the warning message, click on that as well, and follow the on-screen instructions, and your are done.

You have successfully removed the particular program or game from your computer, which both removes the related info and the program itself.

Do this to every other programs or game that you no longer needed on your apps and features tab and we bet you, you will find your computer a lot better than before.

Step 10. Duplicate files removal

In this step, we are gonna show you how to find and delete every duplicate file on your Windows 10 computer and for that, you don’t have to manually search for each and every duplicate files instead, you can use a software called Dupe guru.

It’s free and you can download it and check it out for yourself.

  • Once you are on the Dupe guru, go ahead and click on the plus button, which will allow you to select a folder or local disk to scan for duplicate files. We recommend you to add the local disk over folder or location, because it will scan the entire partition and find every duplicate file existing on it.
  • Now, click on the plus button again and add the next partition or local disk and repeat the same step until you add all your local disk or partitions in case you have multiple partitions available on your computer.

That way, we can find literally every duplicate files on your computer without even skipping a single location.

Once you made your selection click on scan and it will start searching for the duplicates.

Search Results

Now, check the dupes only box and it will only show you the duplicate files of their original once. If you want you can check through the duplicate files list manually and select the file which you want to delete, or you can click some empty space inside the list and press the Cltr + Delete keys on your keyboard to select all dupes at once,

  • Now go to the action tab and choose the option ‘Remove marked from results’ and you will get a warning message from there, choose ‘Yes’ and there we go, it’ll delete all the duplicate file on your computer or from the particular location or partition you have chosen for the scan.

Hope this will give you an additional free up space on your hard drives. And that’s another way to clean C Drive in Windows 10 and make Your PC Faster to get some more free space.

Step 11. Stop unnecessary startup programs

One of the ways to clean C Drive or Local Disk is to stop unnecessary startup programs.

With this step, we are gonna show you how to stop unnecessary startup programs and by doing this you can achieve a better boot time and overall system performance, because of fewer programs running in background and windows don’t have to start unnecessary programs when it boots up.

So let show you how to do that;

  • First, you gonna need to open your task manager and you can do it by simply right clicking on an empty space on your taskbar and From this menu choose task manager.
  • Once you’re in the task manager navigate to the startup tab and there you will find the startup programs which are the programs or services that are set to launch in the background every time you start your Windows 10.
  • So go ahead and choose every unnecessary startup programs that you don’t want running in your windows background forever or you don’t use that much and click the disable button to disable the program from automatic startup. You can do this to every other startup programs which you think unnecessary or rarely using.

In contrast, we don’t recommend disabling every thing especially the Microsoft services like windows defender. And that all you can do here, hope you will a get better bootup time and overall system performance from this step.

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Step 12. Complete Virus removal

One of the ways to clean C Drive or Local disk and make your PC faster is by the complete removal of virus from your PC.

However, by doing this step using this method you can make sure that your computer is not infected by any type of virus. If it is, you will need to use anti-virus software to make your PC free. In doing that there will be increased performance and responsiveness.

In our next article, we will show you how to remove the virus completely in order to make your computer extremely clean. It is not a fake promise, we’ll literally do it. follow us!

Step  13.  Full Disk clean up.

This is the last and final step on ways to clean C Drive and make your PC faster even more or to ensure everything else unwanted are cleaned from your c drive.

  • To do this, you need to go to your start menu and search Disk clean up, now you will see it on the result so click on it.
  • It will performs a quick scan over your drive and shows you this window.
  • Now, check each and every option and click on clean up system files. It will perform a deep scan, once it finishes, it will open a new window,
  • Just select each and every option from there as well, then click ok and delete files.
  • The cleanup process may take some minutes, Let it Finish! and There we go that’s all we can do to clean up your C Drive.

That will be all for now and hope one among all these tips work for you. If you apply these steps as explained we are sure you will get the much desired result. We hope you have been able to learn some Ways to Clean C Drive in Windows 10  and Make Your PC Faster.

If you really leanrt anything from this post do well to share and  leave a comment on the box below. Let’s know your thoughts.


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