Every month there are tons of games released on mobile and we at fun tech gist like to sort through the best mobile games and show you what we think is worth playing.

In this post, we are gonna be showing you the 10 best free ios and android games for 2019.

Just a quick disclaimer that there is a difference between best free games and best-paid game. However, for the best-paid games,

We’re gonna add that as a bonus because there just aren’t enough of them released every month and we feel like it’s just best to do it all in one swoop. That in mind, let’s  go straight to number 1;

1. Frag Pro Shooter

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A game that takes a very different approach at the overwatch type game and puts you in charge of the whole team.

On your own, you have five people on a team, you build the team from a card-deck and there’s how your mobile mechanics fit into the game.

The clash royale oriented deck building but you’re inside the fight, you and other Ai-controlled teammates go after the other team with the intent on lowering their score to zero or keeping it below yours until the time runs out. If you die you go to a new character and frankly it’s seamless.

It really plays well. It’s an auto shoot game so you’re not having a trigger, you’re just having to aim but it never feels phony.

It doesn’t feel like it’s doing stuff for me and this is really cool. Also, I it really doesn’t even try to look like any other shooting game.

It looks like a sports game, it’s fun as heaven if you’re looking for a mobile shooter that really feels at home this is it; frag pro shooter. It’s  out on iOS and Android now.

2. Revue Starlight Re live

Revue starlight Re live is a game that continues the story of the anime revue starlight . We are not going to pretend that we have watched that but we don’t know that it was really necessary to enjoy the game.

It’s a turn-based junior PG gotcha type game. The game maintains a consistency over three different art styles which is very nice and it’s also fully voiced, so it really retains the feel of an anime.

This game is really very cool and interesting. If you like JRPGs or anime ,it’s a definite must try! it was a bit sparse this month and it was a welcome thing to play. Review starlight Reliv is out on ios and android finally.

3. Bombastic Brothers

Bombastic brothers is an action platformer that will remind you of Metal Slug. It certainly takes its inspiration from that, however we would almost say it’s a little bit more steeped in a mobile look.

This game looks like rocket Knight adventures in some ways more in the art style, animation and execution of stuff than the actual gameplay.

Yep! but one way or the other it’s really not a problem. Metal Slug and rocket Knight adventures are really good.

It’s very simple, it offers you quite a few different modes. There’s a story based level based mode, daily waves a versus mode that’s probably the least good mode.

It’s not very skill based let’s say more stat based very limiting. you are gonna have a real good time with this game, bombastic brothers.

It’s currently only on iOS hoping it comes to Android because lots of people out there would really enjoy it but if you have iOS give it a shot it’s good.

4. Cyber Hunter

This is a new battle royale game. We know there are plenty of those but this one we think benefits from the experience of having played a lot of them.

we feel like the developers have really indulged the genre as far as being very familiar with the various well-worn tropes because they brought a lot of new stuff in.

This is heavily based in sci-fi and that pretty much all of the guns, all of the gadgets and all that very much represent that there’s air boards, gliding and various technological weaponry that you’re not gonna see in another game.

However, some of it even resembles magic powers but if we were to start listing, it would go on forever which is great in my opinion. There’s also parkour in the game that works and  we feel like that something that has to be noted when you say there’s parkour in the game.

When it works, it’s really awesome the graphics in this game are extremely smooth for a mobile game.

We had a hell of a good time with this game and this is actually gonna be played for some time. You need to try it out too.

5. PGA Golf Tour

we’ll say, this is a pretty simple game. you can leave your club selection up to automatic although maybe we would not do that because it’s not perfect at all but selection is super easy.

It’s got nice graphics but we wouldn’t say the best though. Also, it’s got four real-life golf courses that are modeled to my knowledge accurately.

It’s just a really fun game and we’re not gonna say that it’s gonna blow your mind in any way, it’s just an extremely competent golf game and as far as free-to-play goes that’s pretty rare.

Now, does that mean it’s perfect? absolutely not! it’s got its own set of unique issues mostly physics based but it’s certainly better physics than a lot of other free golf games.

So if you’re looking for one that works pretty much right, this is the one to play; PGA Golf Tour shootout is out on iOS and Android now.

6. Rumble Stars

To describe this game we are gonna first of all imagine clash, Royale, Angry-Birds and soccer-slash football being together.

Soccer slash-football is known as football in all parts of the world while the North Americans calls it soccer.

We are gonna, first of all, imagine clash, Royale, Angry-Birds and soccer-slash football being together. Soccer slash-football is known as football in all parts of the world while the North Americans calls it soccer.

Therefore, if you like one of those games and think that it might work with the other games, that’s like all really need it. We’ll work it out for you if you need a little bit more. 

The main crux of the action is positioning your characters that you can level up in the same way you might in clash royale over the course of a bunch of games. 

To get the ball into the goal movement is very angry birds’ ish you get a dotted line showing you where the character goes and  you try to get them there and you try to use their bumping physics to get the ball into the goal.

It’s simple but it’s not simple but we’ll will tell you this, it is a ton of fun. Rumble stars is already out.

7. Pigeon Wing Strike

If you remember back in 2017, it was a game called pigeon wings that did a phenomenal job of a side-scrolling shooter in the air with an athlete chaotic speed oriented, kind of wild unpredictable style.

They had added an endless mode to that game because they weren’t satisfied with it and they created a game in of itself to be that endless mode.

Now, this is probably the one game that has gotten tilt controls right? we don’t know how or why but they’re the ones that figured it out and it works really well.

It does have an alternate control scheme. Well, If you don’t like it we have a sneaky suspicion that you will. Pigeon wing strike is charming and it’s art style but way more serious than you might expect.

we’ve have had a ton of fun with it. it’s out on iOS exclusively right now.

8. Full Metal Monsters

This is a 5v5 PvP shooter that is something new now just in of itself.  Shooter and something new, that’s intriguing but we’re gonna go ahead and say that even though we think the concept itself is quite different, it has the personality of something from let’s say a Nintendo 64 game.

It’s a shooter team based kind, a hero based where you ride dinosaurs either organic, fully, mechanical or somewhere in between augmented ones and you wreak havoc on the other team.

Also, the different dinosaurs have different types of weapons and powers and honestly we just can’t stress this enough to you.

It’s such a different game and it’s a ton of fun and it really does have the personality of let’s say a Nintendo 64 or a GameCube game.

we think if you dropped it in on one of those consoles obviously with much worse graphics, it has good graphics and it would fit right in. We frankly imagined it to have a ton of replay value.

We hope that this is a game that doesn’t just stay on mobile, we think this is one that probably could be on pc or consoles as it free to play and have a pretty good time. I enjoy the hell out of this.

It’s great! seriously if you like shooters of any kind, try it,  it is something new full metal monsters and it  is out on iOS and Android now

9. Squab Bot

This is basically a two button plat-former, both sides of the screen function as a single button.  You hold the phone horizontally and use your thumbs to play.

Now, it might not immediately sound like something different however, we’re gonna go ahead and say that because of the way this functions, where there isn’t actually any walking there’s just jumping in a certain direction that it actually plays out pretty uniquely.

It’s got two modes; it’s got an Endless mode and a level based mode. The level in the level based mode is good and that kind of feel like they were designed for an endless runner but this game is not an endless runner.  

It’s sort of a uniquely controlled platforming game that plays out much more traditionally and we think that the level design works really well for it and it’s a ton of fun. The squat bot is currently out on iOS and Android so check it out.

10. Rest in Pieces

This game requires some serious explanation. The gameplays super simple you tap one side of the screen and your character swings back and forth tab on the Left swings to the left,

tapping the right swings to the right avoid the obstacles. simple right! completely simple until you look at it for a second and then it is puzzlingly horrifying.

It’s a game where literally everything is nightmare-inducing, there’s a horrific clown off in the background and everything is scary, everything is dark everything is creepy.

In addition, your character is just a porcelain doll so if you hit an obstacle, guess what happens, well have you ever dropped a porcelain doll on the floor?

Yeah! that’s exactly what happens and we don’t know why but it’s super unsettling when it happens in this game.

Here are Some Available Paid android Games for 2019

Whispers of a machine which bills itself as a sci-fi Nordic noir. it’s basically a pixel art point-and-click adventure game and it’s great we loved it. we’ll definitely play it the whole way through. whispers of machine is out on ios and android for $4.99.

The next is cultists simulator which is a roguelike narrative card game in which you basically draw cards, an attempt to plot out a story. it’s intuitive and it’s not that hard. It builds itself as challenging as it does not give you a tutorial.

Furthermore, part of the challenge is figuring out how to play and we would say that figuring out how to play isn’t that hard. If you’ve played any card slash board game,

you pretty much know what you’re getting is much more open-ended and we think that that is what makes it interesting. Cultists simulator is out on iOS android for $6.99

Finally distraint 2. To a 2d side-scrolling puzzle platformer that takes its simplicity and gives you a sort of actually unnerving dark story with a healthy dose of dark humor.

Think Silent Hill + twin peaks of it, obviously it doesn’t look like either of those things but it does play out tonally a lot like both of those things.

It’s very simple, the interface is super simple and the gameplay is super simple also but it’s so worth it.  It’s really enjoyable and distraint 2  is out on iOS and Android now for $6.99.

Which iOS and Android games for 2019 did you play this month? leave us a comment let us know what you think and if you like this article click like or share this post.

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